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25 Mar 2020 We use cookies and similar technologies ("cookies") on our websites to improve your US dollar to Canadian dollar exchange rates If you would like to see historical rates, please select a currency from the drop-down. but instead of using coins, the likes of furs, wampum shells and, at one point, 

Mar 09, 2012 · So you cannot try to get clever and divide your $100 purchase into four $25 purchases so you can pay each with your loonies! That leaves all of us spending our coins a little at a time, or going to the bank to trade them for bills. You can learn more about the making, use and collection of coins from the Royal Canadian Mint website. Legal tender coins can’t always be spent - Canadian Coin News Jul 11, 2014 · We see it used a lot, particularly with non-circulating coins issued for the collector market, but it is also used on bullion coins, and even comes to play when someone tries to spend an old nickel dollar. Most people, it seems, think that legal tender means money. Well the word tender is key, since legal tender means it can be used to pay a debt. US & Canadian Coins - Circulation Finds On Both Sides of ...

8 Jul 2017 Canadian bills and coins are better than US bills and coins. and enjoy a lot, or you can spend a million dollars on nicer money that millions of 

Canada’s official notes and coins are called legal tender. Every bank note issued by the Bank of Canada since we opened our doors in 1935 is still redeemable at its face value. Technically, you can use a 1935 $25 bank note when you go shopping or pay a bill. The cashier might refuse it because it looks unfamiliar, but it is still worth $25. Can we use US dollars in Canadian Niagara Falls? - Niagara ... If you do spend US cash, you'll still get change in Canadian currency. even if you try to spend only US cash you'll end up with random Canadian money (probably mostly coins, which can't be changed back) in your pocket. Can we use US dollars in Canadian Niagara Falls? 8 years ago. Spend Wallet App -

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I've provided a number of worksheets (scroll to the end of this page) for Canadian coins and American coins are fairly similar in size, what they're called and 

Why don't we use dollar coins instead of dollar bills? The U.S. Mint has been trying for decades to get Americans to grow fond of using the dollar coin for everyday purchases. After all, coins last longer than paper money -- by many decades. Also, coins are easy to recycle. Dollar coins are also easier to use with vending machines. Do you use dollar coins? Or do you save them?

US Dollars, or will I need to get Canadian currency ... In all cases you'd get any change in Canadian currency. But aside from the deal you get, spending US cash at stores and restaurants in Canada can be perceived as disrespectful by some people. Unlike developing countries where US dollars are sometimes preferred to local currency, here getting receiving US cash is a burden for merchants: they What to do with Canadian pennies in the USA? (2015 ... Apr 01, 2017 · Of course you can use them in the US. Just mix 'em in with US coins. In theory, of course, Canadian coins are not legal tender in the US, but Canadian 1 cent, 10 cent, and 25 cent pieces are commonly accepted by human cashiers without even looking at 'em. Vending machines may not accept them as they may be slightly different in dimensions.

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Where to exchange Canadian coins for US coins? - Page 2 ... Dec 02, 2011 · TravelBuzz - Where to exchange Canadian coins for US coins? - After the OP donates this batch, he should think about not piling on coins up here. I make a point of spending them. For sure, $10 of coins could have been converted to a paper $10 at any store in YUL or to US$ at a currency exchange. If I … Where Can I Dump My Canadian Coins? - Coin Community Forum

From 1858 to 1907, Canadian coins were struck at mints in England. The first Canadian-produced penny dates from 1908, when the Ottawa branch of the British Royal Mint opened. Where to exchange Canadian coins for US coins? - Page 2 ...